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The domain name game is a vicious business.  Most people refer to the business of buying and trading domain names as "domaining".  Domaining is the speculation, investment, development and/or marketing of domain names, sometimes with the intent to resell them as high traffic domains or brand names at a considerable profit, but domainers also often sit on their investments, sometimes as potential, sometimes for the financial security that certain advertising revenue streams provide, and sometimes domainers even run bonafide businesses which offer them real income. 

Domaining Resources

As a domainer myself I have used a number of resources over the years, some of them are even my own.  If you look to try out domaining or find yourself in the position of webmaster, you might find these same resources helpful as well.

Premium Domain Names

Wholesale Domain Names, Web Hosting, Servers and Tools

Domain Name Monetization

Domain Name Parking

Domain Registration, Linux or Windows Hosting and Web Servers

Linux Apache Web Hosting and Web Servers with Free Reseller Accounts

Web Design and Development Group Email List

Website Design and Promotion Articles

DIY Website Builder

3D Logo/Heading Maker

DIY Graphic Design Info

Flash Design and Navigation Elements

Website Design Templates

Website Monetization

Webmaster Resources

Webmaster Forums

Website Promotion


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